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Enabling Love

Enabling Love can be interpreted two ways. Enable means to supply with the means, power or opportunity or Enable means to behave in a manner that supports someone's self-destructive behavior.  Most everyone, if they're honest, have walked both paths sometime in their lives. We who are Enablers get stuck on the second path. 

So, what's your story? Mine is probably like yours. Understanding the reality of what I was seeing took a very long time to sink in. Then, understanding the reality that I couldn't control my son, change his choices or cure his addiction was another hurdle to be conquered. It took a very long time, but layer by layer through meetings with other people who loved an addict, the fog began to clear. I promise you if you take the steps needed, find some support and trust God you will be better tomorrow than you are today. And day by day you will discover that your life is better than you believed it could be in spite of the choices others are making. 

For over 15 years, Laura was in the world of addiction. Uninvited through a family member. Suddenly she was learning new titles for herself. Codependent and Enabler replaced loving mother. Not believing or understanding all the tell-tale signs, she struggled to face the demons head on because she didn't know what she was facing.

Slowly but surely, she found herself in meetings when she realized her life was in a tumultuous tailspin.  Full of pain and anguish that she didn't have to subscribe to.  God begin to lift the veil from her eyes to see the real picture hidden behind the frame. Once she began to invest in herself by learning boundaries and daily self-care did she begin to see the light of truth.  You can have the same freedom from the chains of loving someone in a lifestyle of risky behavior, too.  There are support groups and meetings wherver you may live. Don't stay another day in the darkness! 

Laura is delighted to tell you that her son has been clean for over 9 years now. To God be the Glory! 

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enabling love

Laura McAlpine has been working hard at changing her path of life for over 10 years. With many bumps along the way, she's learned that the most important part of this process is taking care of herself first. Self-care is not Sel-fish; there's a difference. You can change your situation and have peace again.  You can't change the choices your loved ones make but you can change your response. 

It isn't easy and it isn't a one time only choice. This is a daily choice you will make for the wellness of your heart and soul. 

Come on along and find  your path to peace of mind, heart and soul.