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Enabling Love

Remember the story of the Prodigal Son? It's a fairly well known story of a young man who wanted nothing more to do with his family and demanded that his father split the inheritance and give him his portion right then and there.  The prodigal son was a rebellious type, for sure. With the inheritance he demanded from his father, he loaded up his backpack and went off to see the world, pursuing wine, women and song.  Soon, this young man found the error of his ways, humbly went home and asked his father to forgive him and said he would gladly work in the pig pen if he could just come home.  This Biblical story has long been applauded, rightly so, as a story of forgiveness and redemption. This son reached bottom, learned a hard lesson in life, and the father forgave him and welcomed him back home. 

The story behind the story, at least for me though, is how the father responded to his sons plan in what certainly had trouble written all over it.  

  • First, the father let his son go knowing full well that the world was full of thieves and wily women. 
  • Secondly, the father never sent his servants out ahead to let everyone know to keep an eye out for this son who would surely be making poor choices. 
  • Third, the father never chased after his son. He let him go but waited with a watchful eye for the return of his son who didn't come back until he learned his lesson. 

The Biblical account is not clear on exactly all that this son did on his adventure nor how long he was gone. But the son learned a hard, hard lesson much quicker, I'm sure, than he would have if the father tried to run interference in the plan.  

Maybe you're in the place I used to be. I thought the laws and authorities would back me up and support me in my desire to rein my son in when he began walking on the wild side, but I was wrong.  

 I struggled desperately to allow my son to experience consequences for his actions.  Finally, learning to step back enough to breathe, he found his way into prison after 14 years of running with drugs, mostly heroin.  I had my respite at last and learned the art of saying no to what wasn't good for me. It wasn't always easy and I didn't always do it right, but the process continued forward and at last we both turned the corner to a new way of living life. Just as it was meant to be. 

Don't despair. There is help out there and you can find it!   


So, what's your story? 

Everyone has a story, continued....