The Bible
     by God

The Enabler 

    by Angelyn Miller, MA

Codependent No More

    by  Melody Beattie

Enabling Love 

    by Laura McAlpine

The Language of Letting Go

     by Melody Beattie

Setting Boundaries with your Adult Children

     by Allison Bottke 



Recovery for families of addicts and those in crisis living. Stop and rest. 

- Respite For Your Soul -

Here is a list of books I found to be extremely helpful at different times over the course of 10-15 years. Some are daily reads (The Bible and The Language of Letting Go) and others I often go back and revisit.  There are so many, many more but this may get you started!


Enabling Love

Al-Anon and Ala-Teen

​Celebrate Recovery 

Recovery and Support Groups 

​Hazelden - Addiction Treatment Center 

​Drug Dangers 

The Prevention Coalition

​Rehab Center 

The Recovery Village 


Get thyself to a meeting or support group as soon as you suspect there is something wrong.  The awareness, education and support is priceless for you if you love someone who is struggling. Only when we shine light on the problem can it be removed from the darkness.